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NextGen Cattle Feeding at Riverbend

  • Located in southwest Kansas just outsided the town of Hugoton, this facility
    is a 25,000 head custom beef finishing facility.  NextGen @ Riverbend is
    perfectly located logistically to the packing plants and ideal climate.
     The feedyard is in power growth mode,
    with expansion to additional head count and an upgrade to a state of the art
    feed mill. The feedmill project will provide for a better ration in better
    time, and create feed conversions and efficiencies to save our customers real
    dollars. Mark Sebranek is the chief operating officer at NextGen Cattle Feeding.
    Mark has a life long experience in feeding and finishing cattle prior to
    joining the Nextgen team. He has won numerous awards for his feedlot and
    industry knowledge. He specializes in individual sorting. This allows for
    our customers to obtain maximum profit for their animals.