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Our Story

Nestled in the eastern foot of the historic flint hills.

NextGen Cattle Co partners, Derek Thompson, Damon Thompson, Brad Lindstrom and Michael Hurla have been life long friends.   The passion to start a seed stock operation, with the goal to serve the commercial cattleman, was a natural fit for Nextgen Cattle Co.  A history of experience in business and sales built on relationship and service, gives a solid base to accent the passion and desire to succeed in the seedstock industry.   The commercial cattleman represents some of the oldest and most traditional values of integrity, trust, passion and vision.   The goal of Nextgen Cattle Co is to have a foundation of nothing less than those values in our approach, in our cattle offering and in our service to provide data and consulting to each ranch that chooses to Purchase cattle from us. 


NextGen Cattle Co owns and operates businesses in every segment of the beef industry. (NextGen Cattle Co Ranch, NextGen Cattle Co heifer and bull development facility, NextGen Cattle Feeding and finally NextGen’s Chophouse.)


The NextGen Cattle Co Ranch is the first entity, with a multi breed recip cow herd used for our extensive Embryo Transfer program.  The ranch consists of 5,000 plus acres in the eastern edge of the Flint Hills at Paxico KS and consist of large pasture grassland, row crop farm acres, hay acres, registered purebred cow herd of Beefmaster and Charolais.


NextGen Cattle Co Heifer and Bull Development is located in Allen KS.   A former grow yard beef facility, has been transformed into a technology driven heifer and bull facility.  This facility uses technology such as Ai 24 ( a heat detection collar system), and GrowSafe ( a bunk and water system used to determine feed efficiency).  Daily breeding of heifers and by the minute data is collected at this facility to best service the needs of our customers as well as the needs of our ranch. 


NextGen Cattle Feeding is a beef finish feedyard located in Hugoton KS.   This finish yard is a 25,000 head capacity feedyard that is currently expanding with upgrades in feedmill technology and processes to finish cattle.  The specialty of this yard is individual sorting on finished cattle.   A process used to maximize efficiencies and dollars for our customers.  This process is a labor intense process that is just one of the many efforts given to service our customers at a level second to none. 


NextGen’s Chophouse is located in downtown Maple Hill KS.   It is a steak house offering choice and prime steak options as well as high choice ground chuck burgers.  The chophouse prides itself in using fresh ingredients and baked goods on a daily basis.  With several beverage options from high quality bourbon and fine wine, to 8 draft beer options of domestic and kraft options.   NextGen’s chophouse offers a fun atmosphere for games and events and more so offers some of the best beef available from the state of Kansas. 


The largest and most important asset of the NextGen Cattle Co is with out question our people and team.     The NextGen team, is first and foremost friends and family.   The team is loaded with experience and knowledge in all aspects of the beef industry from feeding, marketing, breeding and financing.   All of those experiences gives our team the tools needed to serve our customers in every aspect of their operation.     


Leading the trail in new and exciting methods
of breeding and performance.