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NEXTGEN Heifer and Bull           development @ 2i feeders

      2i feeders was formerly our grow yard facility, specializing in starting and
back grounding cattle. It is located in the eastern edge of the Flint Hills in
Allen, KS. This facility has been transformed into a state of the art,
technology driven facility for developing heifers and bulls.
      We specialize in growing and breeding heifers. Heifers that arrive on site at
this facility are grown and developed with protocol proven to give the best
opportunity for success in breeding. We have 3 full time breeders on staff
and also use the best technology available for heat detection called AI 24.
This collar system works like a “smart phone”, to detect heat on the heifers
and pin point to a couple of hours for the best time to breed. Our breeding
technicians receive notifications and updates on all animals in the breeding
pens with the collars. This gives us the best chance possible to be the “bull”
when it comes to AI service, saving you time and money.
     Our bull development, consist of the most advanced technology in
determining feed intake and efficiency. Using GrowSafe beef and
GrowSafe feed intake technology, bulls are monitored by the minute on how
much they eat, drink and gain. The data is collected by GrowSafe to
determine feed efficiency for each bull. Bulls that arrive on site are put on a
14 day warm up period followed by a 55 day test. At the completion of the
test, owners of the bulls will know gain and performance data along with a
feed efficiency index, to determine which bulls are most feed efficient. This
gives the owners of the bulls one more tool in their herd selection criteria,
creating efficiency and saving money.

Leading the trail in new and exciting methods
of breeding and performance.